Software Upgrade: Choose the date visibility on your traceable seafood

Software Upgrade: Choose the date visibility on your traceable seafood

August 4, 2015
Software Upgrade: Choose the date visibility on your traceable seafood

We’ve launched an important upgrade to ThisFish related to the visibility of product dates that were are excited to tell you about.

The visibility of harvesting, landing and production dates on ThisFish has been a challenge since this sensitive issue relates to a product’s freshness and quality. Many consumers and even many chefs don't know the shelf life of various fish species and knowledge about the meaning of “landing date,” “harvest date” and “processing date” is also limited. There are also mandatory expiry and “best-before” dates on many products. Multiple dates on a product can also create confusion.

 We've received a lot of feedback from businesses and consumers over the years and have researched various reports on food product dating and its challenges (See blog post "Dating Game: How Confusing Date Labels Lead to Food Waste").

We've decided to allow fish harvesters and seafood suppliers using ThisFish to choose whether or not harvest and production dates are visible to consumers. We want to give you more flexibility and choice for data visibility depending on the demands and requirements of your customers.

The Details

Harvesting and production dates will continue to be visible to all ThisFish users when they log into their accounts. If you are a supplier, retailer or restaurant with a ThisFish account, you can trace a code and see the dates. However, you can control whether dates are public to those who are not registered users of ThisFish.

You can control the visibility of dates two ways:


  1. DEFAULT SETTING: In the Privacy Settings of your Dashboard, you can select either Public (Anyone) or ThisFish Users (Only Logged-in Users) for date visibility.
  2. DATA ENTRY: When you upload a data entry, you can over-ride your default setting by picking either Public or ThisFish Users for the date visibility of the specific lot. This will allow you to customize the date visibility depending on your customer.

Date visibility on a product will always default to the last setting entered in the supply chain. For example, if a fish harvester set visibility to ThisFish Users only but the processor sets it as public, the processor’s public setting will over-ride the harvester’s setting and therefore dates will be visible to the public. Our reasoning is that when you sell a product, you are giving up ownership over the product and therefore control over product information. It is now the prerogative of the new owner of the product to determine whether they want to sell it with visible or non-visible harvesting and production dates.

Dates are key data elements in any traceability system, and so regardless of their visibility, ThisFish will continue to require fish harvesters and seafood suppliers to provide data on harvesting, landing and processing dates to meet basic traceability standards.

As our goal is to build a traceability system both for the seafood industry and with the seafood industry, we invite any questions, concerns or feedback about this important change.

Sincerely yours,

Eric Enno Tamm
General Manager, ThisFish
Tel: (888) 406-2539
Email: eric [at] 

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